Poetic Love Quotes for Her


Love is a powerful emotion that has inspired countless poets📖, writers and artists throughout history. If you’re looking for a way to express your love and affection to the special woman in your life, consider sharing one of these timeless and beautiful poetic love quotes with her❤️.

These words of love, Drawn from the works of renowned poets, Are sure to touch her heart and convey the depth of your feelings😍.

Whether you’re looking to write✍️ a love letter, Create a romantic message or simply find the perfect words to express your love❤️, these quotes are a great place to start. So, let’s dive into the world of romantic poetry✍️ and find the perfect words to express your love for her.

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️I adore you because the Earth revolves around the sun, the North Wind occasionally blows in that direction, most Rabbis are Jews and not Catholics, winters transform into springtime, and the air clears after a storm.

✍️My love is as a lily among thorns among maidens. My darling amid young guys is like an apple tree among the wood’s trees.

✍️How do I feel about you? Let me list them all. To the fullest extent possible, I adore you. My spirit is able to…

✍️Come live with me and be my love, and together we will enjoy all that the valleys, groves, hills, and fields, as well as the woods and the high mountains, have to offer.

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️Let us all submit to love, for love overcomes all obstacles.

✍️Oh, the wilderness was paradise now! A book of verses beneath the bread, a jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and you singing by me in the wilderness.

✍️Give me a kiss and add a score to that kiss; Then, add an additional hundred to that twenty: Kiss on, to transform that thousand become a million. A thousand to that hundred. When you’ve doubled that amount, let’s kiss once more, just as when we originally started.

✍️Ah, love is both bitter and sweet, but no one has ever said which is sweeter: the bitterness or the sweetness.

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️Drink simply with thine eyes toward me, and I will swear with mine; or leave a kiss only in the cup, and I won’t look for wine.

✍️O, my love is like a fresh-blooming red rose in June. O, my love is like that nicely performed in tune melody.

✍️When we are talking, I completely lose track of time, the seasons, and how they change.

✍️Only the gentleness of the rain and the winds from heaven had kissed me before you came, so how can I care for kisses like theirs once more?

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️Ah, love, let’s be honest with each other! because the world, which appears to us to be a realm of dreams because it is so different, so beautiful, and so fresh, actually lacks joy, love, light, certainty, serenity, and relief from sorrow.

✍️Erratic evenings erratic evenings If I were with you, we should be able to have wild evenings!

✍️This coyness, woman, would not have been a crime had there been enough time and globe. But I can constantly hear Time’s wing-shaped chariot rushing at me from behind.

✍️Your two eyes will kill me abruptly; I hope their beauty will not be enough to keep me alive. This will hurt me throughout my entire life.

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️For me, the only beauty that never ages is found in the highlights and shadows of your eyes.

✍️Even if I’ve locked myself off with my fingers, your smallest glance will simply open me up, just as Spring opens (touching deftly, enigmatically) her first rose.

✍️Nothing in the universe is unique; everything is governed by a divine law. Why shouldn’t I mingle with thine in our shared being?

✍️If anything on earth is to resemble anything in paradise, it must be love—pure, unwavering love.

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️To you through all of time Oh, eternity is too brief for me to sing all of thy praise, therefore I will instead raise a joyous song.

✍️Her movement, gestures, and grins, Her humour, her voice seduces me, My heart is seduced, but I’m not sure why. Still, I will adore her till I pass away.

✍️For my fantasies of your picture that blooms a rose in the depths of my heart, with the earth, the sky, and the sea, recreated, like a casket of gold.

✍️Love is what makes the journey worthwhile, not love is what makes the world go round.

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️Neither adore me for wiping my cheeks dry in response to Thine own tender sympathy, lest a creature who endured Thy comfort for a long time forget to cry and therefore forfeit Thine love! However, love me for the sake of love so that you might continue to love forever.

✍️She walks like the night, with clear skies and stars in the sky, and all the greatest features of darkness and light meet in her appearance and her gaze.

✍️Her tone is lovely and quiet. And she is everything to me. I would lie down and die for Bonnie Annie Laurie.

✍️Everywhere I go, my love, you go, and everything is done by simply me is your doing, my darling, I worry that I always have your heart with me (I keep it in my heart).

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️One guy, however, loved the wandering spirit inside of you and the sufferings of your shifting face. How many liked your moments of happy grace and loved your beauty with love that was either fake or sincere.

✍️True Love burns where? Desire is the pure spark of love; it is the reflex of our lower nature, which derives its meaning from the higher, and only interprets the language of the heart.

✍️When everything around me is silent, I adore the sound of you like I enjoy the tone of a softly breathing flute.

✍️Love doesn’t look out for itself, doesn’t worry about what others think of it, but instead extends its comfort and creates a Heaven in a hellish world.

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️I’ve never seen a face as adorable as the one in front of me. My heart is no longer able to return to where it once resided.

✍️He took me to the banqueting house, and he draped his banner of love over me. I’m weary of love, so stay me with flagons and give me some apples.

✍️A kiss restores youth to the heart and erases the passage of time.

✍️Remain loving at all times. Without it, life would be like a barren garden after the flowers have withered away.

Poetic Love Quotes for Her

✍️If they are successful in enjoying the space between them that allows one to view the other entire against the sky, a magnificent life side by side can develop once the knowledge that even between the closest human beings boundless distances continue.

✍️While it might be challenging to pinpoint the exact moment when love begins, it is simpler to recognise when it does.

✍️True love is like ghosts—everyone talks about them, but few have actually seen them.

✍️Love is when two solitary beings guard, touch, and meet one another.

✍️Because Mercy has a human heart, Pity has a human face, Love has a heavenly human form, and Peace wears a human outfit.

Poetic Love Quotes for Her



What are some poetry quotes about love?

Give him or her a copy of these love poetry quotations. It is extremely amazing to find someone that accepts you for who you are. Life may be changed by love. It instils courage, direction, and hope in people. and I don’t know where I would be without you. satisfies and completes every aspect of me. You will be there. because only you own the key.
Writing a love poetry is an attempt to comprehend what mankind have struggled to comprehend for millennia. It is attempting to find the correct words to explain an indescribable emotion, To reconcile the words in your brain with your feelings.


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