One Sided Love Quotes for Her


You have arrived at the ideal location if you are seeking One Sided Love Quotes for Her💔, You are not alone. We’ve all been hurt by love that wasn’t returned in some way. We couldn’t get them to love us back no matter how hard we tried or how much we gave.

But what makes one-sided love bad is that we don’t always realise we’re in it. The lack of a response can make someone want something even more. We keep hoping and giving until one day the bubbles pop and our Hearts break💔.

I have often been in the same place. So, Here are some one-sided love quotes that I like. I get Strength from reading📖 them, And I hope you do as well.

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶Never struggle to stay if someone isn’t fighting to keep you.

▶Give me something worth stumbling over if you want me to fall in love with you.

▶I’m not saying I think of you all the time, but I can’t deny that whenever my thoughts wander, they always come back to you in some manner.

▶When someone is in your heart but out of reach of your arms, it aches.

▶It’s ironic that even when someone breaks your heart, you may still love them unconditionally.

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶Waiting around for something you know may never happen is difficult. But when you are certain that you have all you desire, giving up is much tougher.

▶I’m done adoring you and waiting for you to return the favour.

▶Every time, I can’t help but think, “If only you knew you are the cause.”

▶You hold the lion’s share of the blame for the continuous stream of prayers that have gone unanswered throughout my life.

▶I find it impossible to congratulate you on finding love when I’m not the one who is.

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶If only things were fair, but I realise they aren’t, therefore you can’t love me.

▶Although I’m delighted for you, I’m disappointed that I didn’t cause your happiness.

▶Would it be cruel to wish you a bad life so I might have one that brings me joy?

▶I adore you, and every day it breaks my heart to realise that you don’t feel the same.

▶Unrequited love may endure in a manner that once-requited love cannot, so you like someone who can’t like you back. (John Green)

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶Unrequited love may have appeared in the house as a ghost, a presence that teetered on the brink of perception, a heat in the shadows, or a shadow in the sun. (Sherry Thomas)

▶Problems are solvable. However, unrequited love is tragic. Susan Harper

▶People will go to great lengths for love, especially for unrequited love.

▶Some people believe that one-sided love is preferable to none, but like half a loaf of bread, it will inevitably get hard and mouldy sooner rather than later.

▶When you miss something you’ve never had, you know your situation is horrible. I was the cause of your grin, at least for a little while.

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶Doing the same thing repeatedly and anticipating a different outcome is said to be the definition of insanity. I’m crazy as a result of you since I just can’t give up hoping.

It hurts to watch those eyes, which have been my sun, glowing for someone else.

▶I’ve been singing “If only, if only” ever since I first laid eyes on you.

▶You have a lot of control over me, and you may make me happy or miserable. However, the only thing you have ever done is the latter by refusing.

▶My beloved crush, just one word from you would brighten my entire day.

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶It’s incredible how much you can achieve by simply doing nothing. That’s what happens when you simply smile at me; you make me grin.

▶You would be aware of your control over my heart if you only knew how strongly my heart beats for you.

▶Was it bad of me to love you forever? Because I’ve felt that way ever since I first met you.

▶Please grin at me like I smile within every time I see you, my crush. And you’ll be aware of the influence you have over me.

▶Your heart beating for someone else is unfortunate since I am unable to control my own heart to do the same.

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶I believed I had found the one a long time ago. You have unintentionally become my pain, therefore all I did was meet it.

▶I’m not sure how you could possibly be blind to how much I cherish you.

▶I want everyone to know how much I valued you. that you’ll finally get how miserable I feel.

▶My fantasies now seem preferable to my reality since, at least, you liked me while I slept.

▶Only you can fill the void in my heart, but you don’t, therefore it stays empty.

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶Hell is when someone sees you with someone else.

▶I experienced absolute love in my fantasies, yet when I awoke, I was lonely and alone.

▶If only you knew how willing I am to be, you would leave him behind for me.

▶The day I met you is one I’ll never forget. Since then, I’ve been repeating the phrase “if only, if only.”

▶We are no longer able to be friends. What use is it if I hear you talking about how much you love someone else?

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶It’s unfortunate that I am unable to experience the elegance in those lovely eyes.

▶You carry the fragments of my wounded heart but cannot put it back together.

▶”Love is lovely,” they say. But why do I still feel lost if I truly love you so much?

▶Without harmony, Cupid is nothing, and you helped me see why.

▶I simply wish you will someday understand why you ought to have loved me.

One Sided Love Quotes for Her

▶You don’t truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

▶I don’t know whether or when it’s time to let go, which is the saddest part about loving you.

▶Maybe friendship alone is insufficient at times. Maybe there are moments when all I want is for you to gaze at me with affection.

▶I detest the fact that I cannot provide you with warmth when you are chilly or grasp your hands.

▶Your absence causes me to die, but your presence gives me life.

One Sided Love Quotes for Her


What is sad one-sided love

👉There are several feelings involved with one-sided love. You occasionally get excited simply thinking about being in their presence. However, you quickly come to the melancholy realisation that no one will ever feel the same way about you. For all of those scenarios, we have gathered some depressing one-sided love phrases.

What is a one sided love quote

👉Sayings and quotations about one-sided love Being in a one-sided love relationship is one of the most painful and agonising experiences. Break my arms, my neck, my back, And my face. Just don’t hurt my feelings, please.


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