Moon Love Quotes for Her


You have discovered the finest resource for Moon Love Quotes for Her🌜. Love knows no boundaries, and the moon is a symbol of its enduring beauty.

These moon love quotes were chosen especially for your partner to show how much you love and care for them in a romantic way. Tell her that your love for her shines as brightly as the moon with these sweet and kind words.

Moon Love Quotes for Her

Moon Love Quotes for Her

❤”The moon can never breathe, yet the beauty of its icy, dry disc may steal our breath away.” Munia Khan

❤”And sometimes the sun and the moon fight over who gets to tuck me in at night. You would be dead on accurate if you said that I was enjoying myself more than everyone else on the earth. —​ Hafiz

❤”There is something eerie about the moonlight; it has all the detached objectivity of a disembodied spirit, and something of its incomprehensible mystery.” Conrad, Joseph

❤”The moon seems to me to be a really attractive woman. She is in charge.” Ravyn Lenae

❤”There are evenings when just the moon howls and the wolves remain silent.” [George Carlin]

Moon Love Quotes for Her

❤”Go after the moon. You will still land among the stars even if you miss it.” Leo Brown

❤”All except the brightest stars are drowned out by the moonlight.” J. R. R. Tolkien

❤”Show me the glimmer of light on shattered glass, don’t tell me the Moon is shining.” Anthony Chekhov

❤”Those are the same stars, and that is the same Moon, that shines down upon your brothers and sisters, and which they see when they look up to them, though they are ever so distant from us, and each other.” [Sojourner Truth]

❤”There once was a guy who adored the moon, but every time he attempted to touch her, she shattered into a thousand pieces, leaving him wet with empty arms.” (Laini Taylor)

Moon Love Quotes for Her

❤”Be both tender and wild. similar like the moon. or the hurricane. or the water.” Vicky Erickson

❤”Always keep in mind that we are both staring at the same moon beneath the same sky.” (Maxine Lee)

❤Drag me to the moon so I can grab a star and capture its light before I’m engulfed in amorphous dust. Mr. Bradley Chicho

❤She and the moon could constantly be seen having fun in the shadows. [A.J. Lawless]

❤Who could not be happy if they had access to freedom, literature, flowers, and the moon? — Oscar Wilde

Moon Love Quotes for Her

❤How many different ways can you name the moon and the sky? [Toni Morrison]

❤’ Go carefully, my precious moon,’ the speaker said. [Khaled Hosseini]

❤Drink under the moon as though you could pass out from thirst. (Sanober Khan)

❤I swear, full moons are created so that the gods can more easily witness the trouble they cause. Mike J. Sullivan

❤”This full moon is more than just that for me. For me, this represents a picture of your face. Gaurav G.R.V. Sharma

Moon Love Quotes for Her

❤”The enchanting magic of moonlight is what I’m referring to. Dark desires are sparked by the moonlight like a frigid flame, causing hearts to burn with phosphorus intensity. [Rampo Edogawa]

❤We felt hidden in the moon-infused water, “like pearls developing in the delicate tissues of oysters,” with the light all around us. Conroy, Pat

❤”And in homage to the moon, all the insects stopped.” [Jack Kerouac]

❤”Don’t swear by the moon since she is continuously changing. then your love would shift as well. Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”

Moon Love Quotes for Her

❤“Meditate. Purely live. Be silent. Work diligently and masterfully. Come out from behind the clouds like the moon! Shine.” — The Buddha

❤We may be staring at the same moon, But our hearts are singing melodies that are unique to our inner feelings and perceptions. – Doctor Debasish Mridha

❤”The Moon sees the cosmos better than the Earth can see it, Hence the wisdom of the Moon is greater than the wisdom of the Earth.” Ihmet Murat Ildan

❤The Moon is the starting point for the journey to the stars. [Arthur C. Clarke]

❤The Moon’s body is a lovely and enjoyable sight to see. Gallileo Galilei

Moon Love Quotes for Her

❤”Oh, Let’s not request the moon. The stars are already among us.” [Bette Davis]

❤”The lonely can chat to the moon like a friend.” [Carl Sandburg]

❤”The moon’s brilliance will guide you through the night, but she must always reside in the darkness in order to be seen.” — Shannon L. Alder

❤”There is no purpose in saving the planet if the moon must be sacrificed.” — Tom Robbins

❤”The moon sat just over the mountains, my home,” — Daniel Wallock

Moon Love Quotes for Her

❤”The moon has been closely studying the earth longer than anyone else. It must have observed every phenomenon and action that has ever occurred on earth. However, the moon stayed silent and told no tales.” — Haruki Murakami

❤”The sun loves the moon so passionately that he dies each night to let her breathe, and she reflects his love in return.” Jeffrey Fry, “Distilled Reflections”

❤The sun and the moon aren’t in a rush, therefore neither am I. According to Alberto Caeiro

❤Having witnessed the moon rise on the opposite side of the planet has changed me forever. The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

❤God’s devotees have infinite patience because they know that it takes time for the crescent moon to grow full. — Rumi

Moon Love Quotes for Her


What are some quotes about the Moon and love?

sayings about the moon and love Just raise your gaze to the night sky and grin at the moon and stars whenever you are having a bad day. I’ll be doing the same and considering you. My arms are pining for your embrace on this chilly winter night.

How is love related to the moon?

When speaking to romantic partners as well as close friends and family members, this term is frequently used. This adage emphasises that their love is even stronger than the enormous distance separating the Earth and the Moon. To love someone “to the moon and back” is to adore them deeply and enduringly.



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