Hurting Love Quotes for Her


You have come to the right site if you’re looking for Hurting Love Quotes for Her. Love is a complicated emotion that may offer a lot of joy and happiness🥰, But it can also bring a lot of suffering and despair. When love turns sour, we might feel devastated and lost.

These Hurting Love Quotes for Her may provide understanding and comfort if you are going through a trying moment in your relationship👩‍❤️‍👨. We are reminded that we are not alone in our challenges by these poets✍️’, authors’, and philosophers’ words, which express the depth of anguish and heartache that frequently accompany love❤️.

Hurting Love Quotes for Her

Hurting Love Quotes for Her

❤Be wise enough to guard your heart and watch who you let into it while also being strong enough to love after being injured.

❤You may believe that he is the source of the sunlight, but he isn’t, dear. He is the cause of your tears and bleeding cuts. He’s the mental images that tear you apart, and while I know you love him, he’s killing you, my god.

❤Should you ever question why I treat you differently. pause, and consider how you’ve handled me. You should now have all the information you require.

Hurting Love Quotes for Her

❤She wants a partner who can see through her sorrowful eyes, not one who is wealthy, attractive, or even a poet.

❤You did not care about her. You simply didn’t want to be by yourself. Or perhaps she was only useful for boosting your ego. Or perhaps you didn’t love her even if she helped you feel better about our wretched lives. Because you don’t hurt those you care about.

❤A true guy cannot tolerate to see his wife suffer. He exercises caution in his choices and deeds, so he is never held accountable for her suffering.

Hurting Love Quotes for Her

❤Talking to someone for hours on end every day can be detrimental since there will come a time when you won’t be able to talk to anyone at all, which will be the loneliest experience imaginable.

❤Nothing is more toxic than keeping your secrets to yourself, keeping your tears to yourself, suppressing your screams, and poisoning your soul.

❤Having a decent heart has only one drawback—you’re always searching for angels hiding inside of monsters. And they ponder why good may experience such suffering.

Hurting Love Quotes for Her

❤The individual who actually loves you shouldn’t be ignored. Because you’ll eventually realise that you lost the moon while counting stars.

❤Recognize that once a female has been harmed, she becomes extremely scared to reattach. She worries that she will lose her heart to everyone she likes.

❤It is emotional and psychological abuse to tell a lady you love her while shattering her heart and wounding her spirit. Stop.

Hurting Love Quotes for Her

❤You may have been the poison all this time, but I’ve been drinking you like the cure.

❤My biggest skill is making myself cry at random hours of the night.

❤Not saying goodbye but the subsequent flashbacks are what stings.

❤Knowing that you will never view me the same way as I do you hurts.

Hurting Love Quotes for Her

❤Have you ever sobbed uncontrollably because you are you.

❤When you need to let go of someone but are unable to do so because you are still holding out hope for the impossibility, it aches like hell.

❤Have you ever wanted to weep but were unable to do so? In such case, you can find yourself staring into space while your heart is breaking apart.

Hurting Love Quotes for Her

❤When you feel more compassion for someone than they deserve, you suffer more harm than you should.

❤You’re going to miss me, and when you do, you’re only going to have yourself to blame. I hope that realisation makes you feel as bad as your departure made me feel.

❤She did love him, but she kept acting as though she didn’t since she was aware that he didn’t feel the same way about her.

Hurting Love Quotes for Her

❤Seeing how you treat all the other females the same way you treat me truly upsets me.

❤You don’t truly understand suffering unless you’re sobbing uncontrollably in front of the mirror and pleading with yourself to be strong.

❤Sometimes being alone yourself is preferable. You are safe from harm.

Hurting Love Quotes for Her



Strong romantic sentiments for someone who does not feel the same way about you are known as unrequited love. People may sense anguish, sadness, And guilt as a result of the one-sided nature of the event.
Simply the healthiest individual might develop “stress-induced cardiomyopathy” when their stress hormones spike following an extremely traumatic event, Such as the loss of a loved one, a divorce, or even a terrible breakup.