Deep Love Quotes for Her


Deep Love Quotes for Her: Being utterly and totally in love with someone is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Real love has a depth greater than the seas and a height greater than the mountains🌄.

Deep Emotional Love explores every nook and crevice with the utmost joy. We can feel the grandeur of love if we dedicate ourselves completely to this emotion😔.

Here are touching and sentimental quotations that encapsulate the essence of true love and highlight its beauty. Continue reading📖!

short love quotes for her

Deep Love Quotes For Her

  1. “And I’d pick you in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred planets, in whatever form of reality,” he says. Kiersten White’s
  2. “You are that one breath that replenishes all the remaining breaths in my body.” -Khan Sanober
  3. “Sometimes love is like withered flowers. Even when you observe the petals shrink and change colour, you can’t help but treasure them.” Munia Khan’s
  4. “Every time I see you, I remember the first time we met.” – Mr. Jayson Engay
  5. “The truest love you can receive from someone is when they give you unending love, patience, and support while also encouraging you to grow.” – Not known
  6. “Love is all it’s made out to be.” It is truly worth fighting for, being brave for, and putting everything on the line for.” Erica Jong’s
  7. “I will not be loved if you do not love me. If I don’t love you, I won’t love.” -Beckett, Samuel
  8. “You may be just another bystander to the rest of the world, but to me, you are everything. My love for you is unconditional, my darling.” – Not known
  9. “My love for you will always be as strong as a mountain stream. Quiet. Persistent. Continuous.” Sanober Khan’s
  10. “When your palm touches mine, universes collide.” Sanober Khan’s
  11. “Perhaps it’s not love when I say you’re what I love most – you’re the knife I turn inside myself, this is love.” – Kafka
  12. “I want to love you in the same manner that I love the moon with its brightness streaming out of its soul.” Sanober Khan’s
  13. “And the only sweater I need is the afterglow of your sight.” Sanober Khan’s
  14. “I shall seek you out and adore you in every existence.” – Kojouri, Kamand
  15. “And if my heart were a canvas, you’d be painting over every square inch of it.” Cassandra Clare’s

Love Deep Quotes For Him

Love Deep Quotes For Him

  1. “You are absolutely everything to me,” I said. – Not known
  2. “In a world filled with transient items, you are a lasting sensation.” (Sanober Khan)
  3. Even if you weren’t my first love, you were the one that rendered all the others meaningless. Rupi Kaur.
  4. “We can never lose what we previously enjoyed. Everything we genuinely love becomes a part of us. Sheldon Keller
  5. “To love is to look, together, in the same direction, not at one another.” A. de Saint-Exupéry
  6. “You might hold my hand for a little while, but you will always hold my heart,” – Not known
  7. You inspire me to give thanks to God for every error I’ve ever made since they all helped me get to you. – Not known
  8. “I love you because of who I am with you, not because of who you are,” Roger Croft
  9. Long before I could feel his hands, he touched my soul. (Nikki Rowe)
  10. We felt a love that went beyond simple love. (Edgar Allan Poe)
  11. “I’ve discovered love. I’m just a regular woman. I didn’t believe that such violent events could affect regular people. Short Encounter
  12. Love is a deep well from which one can frequently drink but into which one can only ever fall once. (Ellye Howell Glover)
  13. If you genuinely love someone, all you want for them is for them to be happy, even if that happiness isn’t with you. Lauren & L
  14. “I don’t know what they’re called, the seconds in between, but I always think of you at those moments.” the late Salvador Plascencia
  15. “We learn to love by learning to perceive a flawed person perfectly, not by meeting a flawless person.” “Sam Keen”

Deep Sad Love Quotes

short love quotes for her

  1. “Until you lose a love, you can’t understand how deeply it may develop. And until it’s gone, you’ll never, ever, ever recognise it’s true for you. (Isaac Hayes)
  2. It’s incredible how someone can rip your heart out and you can still love them in spite of everything. Elliott Harper
  3. “Deep love and a profound awareness of all forms of otherness are the foundations from which I write,” the author says. (Jacqueline Woodson)
  4. “I wouldn’t want you to leave my life. You are the sun to my planet and the stars in my sky. I am here because of you.” – Not known
  5. “Tell me you care about me, and I’ll wait for you in a thousand hells of misery and torture.” – Not known
  6. I lack any unique talents. I offer what I have out of genuine love. (Debasish Mridha)
  7. To have loved and lost is preferable to never having loved at all. Lord Tennyson, Alfred
  8. “I don’t care if everyone else forgets as long as you remember me.” Murakami, Haruki
  9. You gave me the ability to love, but not to stop. – Not known
  10. “Not loving is terrible, but not being able to love is even sadder.” Miguel de Unamuno.
  11. Deep love fills every nook and cranny of your existence and sweeps away the dust of all past suffering, yet it may also leave permanent scars if not managed properly. – Not known
  12. The ability to break your heart is given to someone when you love them, but you also trust them not to. Julian Moore
  13. I frequently experience a pain that you can never understand. It results from your absence. – Ashley

In order to love others, feel thankful and content with our lives, and love others, we must first love ourselves. The finest self-love quotations are included here to help you see how beautiful you are—just like Beyonce. Verses and quotes on embracing and loving yourself may be found in the section below.

Deep ‘I Love You Quotes

Deep Love Quotes for Her

  1. “I’m here, and I’ll be here forever. observing and adoring you. Jason Engay
  2. “When I initially started dating you, I did not anticipate that our love would be this intense. I want you to know that I won’t back down now that I’m here with you. I cherish you. – Not known
  3. “As endless as the sea is my treasure. The more I give to you, the deeper my love is. I have more since both are limitless. Bill Shakespeare
  4. “I love you more than anyone could possibly love another person,” I say. 50 Initial Dates
  5. “I love you without understanding how, when, or where it came from. I adore you purely, without hesitation or arrogance. Picasso Neruda
  6. “Beautiful. incredibly so. You resemble the majority of my existence. Beau Taplin.
  7. “You wounded my soul; I now alternate between sorrow and hope. I’ve only ever loved you. by Jane Austen
  8. “I swear to love you always and forever,” she said. Steven Meyer
  9. “There is no heart for me like yours everywhere in the globe. There is no love for you like mine in the entire planet. April Angelou
  10. “Everyone turns into a poet at the touch of love.” – Plato
  11. I cherished you above anything else. – Not known
  12. So I adore you because the cosmos worked together to make it possible for me to meet you. Paulo Coelho
  13. You see, I love you more every day; today I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Rosamonde Gerard
  14. “You are my happily ever after, and I adore you. Instead of the sort found in fairy tales, choose the kind that is true, honest, and moral. – Not known
  15. I adore you unconditionally, to the moon and back. Sam McCartney

The sections that follow contain compilations of heartfelt and “I love you” statements about real love. You may show your special someone how much you care and appreciate them by using some of the sayings and phrases from our collection.

Deep Self-Love Quotes

Deep Love Quotes for Her

  1. “You have value. Your tale is important. Your aspirations, desires, and worries matter. It matters who you are. – Not known
  2. “Fall in love with the journey of becoming your best self.” – Not known
  3. Self-love comes from falling in love with aspects of oneself that one has been working to improve, not from mending oneself. Hanna D. Blum
  4. Allow someone who has a deep love to give that deep love to you, and you will witness magic. Jacques Dem.
  5. “Self-compassion is treating oneself with the same consideration that you would show others.” – Not known
  6. The genuine light up occurs when you deliberately embrace who you are right now rather than waiting to become some idealised version of yourself. – Not known
  7. “If you love yourself, everything else will follow. For anything to happen in this world, you truly need to love yourself. (Lucille Ball)
  8. “When you realise your value, you stop caring about anyone who doesn’t share that belief.” – Not known
  9. “Tripping over the past won’t help you get better. Accepting the current moment is the only way to recover. – Not known
  10. “Move on while holding hope near to your heart. The route you’re looking for today might not be there yet. Do not let that worry you. Recognize that a new route lies ahead, and draw strength from the challenges you’ve faced along the journey. The Dhiman
  11. “You alone deserve your love and devotion more than anybody else in the entire universe.” The Buddha
  12. “To those who think they’re not enough, decide today that you are,” the speaker said. – Not known
  13. “Make yourself a priority, and your life will improve.” – Not known
  14. You must occasionally put your feelings aside and focus on what you deserve. – Not known

Deep love is a touching feeling that jolts you with optimism for life and all that goes on around you. It gives everything a slightly nicer feeling. This pure emotion is the source of all happiness.

So, using our collection of lovely quotations, plunge into the depths of love and soak up all the profound bliss it has to offer.

Deep Love Quotes for Her For-FAQ

How can I express my deep love to her?

There are various methods to show her how much you adore her. You might express your feelings to her in a letter or with a romantic act. Additionally, you may show her your love by being there for her in both good and terrible circumstances. It’s crucial to let her know how you feel and to express your affection for her frequently.

How can I touch her heart with words?

You at least rescued my heart with your inside and exterior beauty. You’re in my life, and I couldn’t be happier! I am prepared to tell you how much I love you with every last breath I have. I wouldn’t let you wither if you were a flower because I’m frightened of losing you!


I hope Deep Love Quotes It should go without saying that showing your love and devotion to your significant other is an important part of any relationship. Quotes about deep love for her can be an effective tool for expressing the breadth of your feelings and the fervor of your devotion.

The words you choose can have a significant impact when sharing romantic quotes with someone you love, whether you do so in a letter, a text message, or in person. Don’t forget to tell your loved one how much they mean to you by saying something heartfelt.if you face any queries, Leave a comment in the box.

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